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Instantly receive a shortlist of matched and ranked candidates from thousands of applications, and hire the right cultural fit every time. We are offering all of this for FREE during the COVID-19 crisis.

Millions Of Australians Are Searching For Jobs. 

The National Talent Registry uses smart data and scientific principles to screen, match and rank candidates to your exact requirements in real-time.


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How It Works.

It's easy to hire from thousands of job seekers through the National Talent Registry. Simply contact us and we will guide you through setting-up an employer profile. We will help you create your job, enter your desired culture, job and skill-fit, and then you will be able to invite matched, pre-screened, and relevant candidates.

At the same time, we will publish your job vacancy on the Registry for even more candidates to apply directly. They too will go through our pre-screening process to ensure they are matched correctly.

Benefits Of Hiring Through The National Talent Registry.

Its free to hire from thousands of active job seekers during and after the COVID-19 crisis.


Automatically screened, ranked and matched Job Seekers against your job roles and specific organisational fit requirements.


Access to thousands of active, relevant and pre-screened Job Seekers.


Streamlined and automated process which significantly; increases efficiency and reduces time-to-hire.


You're in full control of the interview and hiring process.

It's Easy To Get Started.

  • Simply fill in the form below and one of our experts will call you back within 24 hours.

  • We will set you up on the National Talent Registry with an employer and job profile, and we will help you complete all the criteria needed. It takes about 10 minutes and we will walk and talk you through the whole process.

  • We will only ask for your assistance contributing text to the job advert that you want us to publish.

  • After that, we will show you how to use the platform as the advert responses come through, and as the Registry talent is automatically matched to your role.

  • We will also follow-up with you after your role goes live; to ensure that you are comfortable with the platform, and to help adjust any parameters.

  • You are then left completely in control of the interviewing and hiring process for your role.