Let’s Get Australia Back To Work.

The Australian National Talent Registry has been created to help Australia on its "road to recovery".

Our mission is to connect Australian job seekers who have been adversely affected by COVID-19 to new jobs with companies hiring right now.  You may have been stood-down, made redundant or simply looking for a new role - we are here to help.

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COVID-19 Has Changed The Australian Workforce Forever.

The Australian National Talent Registry is a free service which has been created in partnership with leading recruitment technology provider Shortlyster, and industry leading businesses and associations to connect job seekers with work, and work to job seekers during the crisis.


​Job Seekers Build A Profile

Select your preferred sector or industry, and complete an Expression of Interest. That in turn will allow you to build your unique profile, and when employers start hiring, you will be instantly matched to roles that are right for you.


Employers Hire Pre-Screened Candidates

Receive an instant shortlist of pre-screened and aligned candidates to each of your vacancies without sifting through thousands of CV’s.


Shortlyster Makes The Perfect Match

The National Talent Registry goes beyond skill-fit assessments. It matches candidates and employers based on work preferences, culture and personality fit.


How It Works.

It's easy to get started with the National Talent Registry. Simply register through an "Expression of Interest" role on our jobs page; build your personal profile, and then as the COVID-19 crisis starts to ease, and companies start hiring again, you will be matched instantly to their vacancies.

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Join The National Talent Registry.

You will be taken to the Shortlyster platform where you can build your professional profile.

As Australia starts hiring again, you will start to receive invitations from employers that match your profile, to apply for their live roles.